My title page contents The World around us is changing, reminding us always to be ready for the future. Keeping that in mind, we, at Bright Academy are actively involved in delivering education in a way that keeps your child always ahead of the rest. Unlike conventional institutes, who are still into the old time rate based system of memorization, restricting children to think differently and excel in multiple skills, we, at Bright Academy, hone their general skills in an innovative & progressive manner, allowing them to think and act in a better way.

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Guardian Feedback

Mr.Baradwaj (Standard Chartered Bank- Employee) (Father Of Varun , Class 5)

Bright Academy get to know each child individually and that every child is seen to have potential, and everything possible is done to ensure that their potential is realized. Excellent imaginative teaching and great variety of activities each week. The School puts the children s well-being first, it is a very happy and safe environment and the children build a strong relationship with their teachers. The range of subjects taught and the different projects and trips organized is outstanding.

T.K. Shrivastava (Press) (Father Of Ruchika, Nursery B)

The smiling faces and warm welcome you receive from the teachers at Bright Academy makes you feel great about leaving your child in such friendly hands.

Manoj Agarwal (Business) ( Father Of Avni, Playgroup E)

We are very impressed with the activities that happen in the school. Children become very happy with the activities & they enjoy the same. We are very satisfied sending our child to your school. Thanks & keep it up.

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